3D PRINTING –The Cutting Edge!

3D PRINTING –The Cutting Edge!

Would you be surprised, if we told you that what began as a figment of imagination is now progressing towards a state of inevitability? That’s right, the 3D evolution is simply amazing and it’s here to stay! Being 3D printing enthusiasts, we’ve been watching this interplay of technology and creativity unleash itself. From creating the perfect replica of a 6th century sword to fashionable gowns with defense mechanisms, sky has been the limit for human imagination. So what’s in vogue? Opening the kaleidoscope of 3D printing-2015.

Medical Miracle

Of all the things to begin with, do you believe that now, 3D printing has a phenomenal bearing in the world of medical sciences. Doctors have successfully saved lives, from potential failure of complicated surgeries- by prior practice on anatomically accurate replica of hearts.

With 3D printing getting more affordable, and of course designers more creative, it is used to replicate evidences of crime in a court of law. Yes, you are already aware of 3D scanning in forensic sciences. Nevertheless, 3D printing is going to be a game changer in murder analysis. Having said this, new research also suggests that from MRI diagnosis of physical detritus such as stray hair, DNA scientists can reconstruct the suspect’s faces in the form of a 3D portrait.

Amazing Accessory

Ever wanted to surprise your loved one with an earring that literally says “you are beautiful!”? Audio Jewelry- is simply stunning. You can create distinctive shapes of jewelry by varying the volume and pitch of your voice. Oh yes , a team of scientists at Disney are using “soft” 3D printer to create everything from stuffed toys to doll clothing by layering together sheets of laser cut fabric.

Mechanical Breakthrough                                                                                

I can’t wait to mention the most striking advancement of this technology. Commercially for the first time industry giant GE used a 3D printed replica of an engine component typically found in Boeing 777. A giant leap indeed!! Besides which, reports show that engineers in the US Navy have designed custom tools with adjustable parameters which provides the required mechanical strength. After hundreds of test prototypes, aeronautical engineers have developed energy harvesting 3D printed wind turbines –a fantastic breakthrough.

With all said and done, we know that the word spectacular, doesn’t even begin to cover it. The world has always been changing in unpredictable ways. To find out how, watch this space for more!