3D Imaging – The Future is Here!

3D Imaging – The Future is Here!

It’s been in the spotlight for a while now – 3D imaging is one of the truly fascinating emerging technologies on the horizon. Now walk with me into the arena of 3D imaging and take a peek at some of the latest innovations?

Life Sciences

“Picosecond Ultrasonic” is the buzz word. That’s right. A group of researchers in Japan have marked, the beginning of non-destructive 3D imaging of biological systems. They call it a type of acoustic imaging. Now we can view the interiors of tissue slices with the resolution of a few hundred nanometers. That’s strikingly higher than a standard MRI scan (0.5 mm)

Are you hearing of optical tweezers for the first time? Probably yes. Scientists have recently developed the concept of tweezing out, an optically trapped glass bead on a cell membrane of a white blood corpuscle. You will be impressed that imaging can support the measurement of 3D position of particles in high speed. Now that’s is what is called a game changer in the realm of nanotechnology and medical sciences.


Breaking the confines of the standing technology, you can see the world in a whole new light. 3D imaging can now, not only capture reflections on surfaces, but also on the all-inclusive dimensions of space. Imaging experts hail it as “volumetric photography”. You might want to relate this concept to the sci-fi movies with x-rays to view the insides of a building –slicing in through the walls! May be that sounded a bit overstated; but hold on. May be not!

And Next… Fashion?

3D imaging walks the ramp! The Show Studio designers are creating their most wanted runway looks out of toffee and cupcake wrappers. The experts hail it “the fashion sculptures” .The upshots are then documented using a 3-D scanner. Isn’t it liberating? Even beside the fashion world, the very latest advance in the gadget realm is 3D Facial Imaging. Billions of devices can capture as well as interpret real time human emotions, through facial expressions- helping marketers make smarter decisions by analyzing even subtle customer responses.

We understand, 3D imaging has what it takes to reach those lofty heights of technology. As we tie up the strings; let us end with perhaps, the simplest of statements. 3D imaging is undeniably innovation at its best!!!