Education Industry


Would I be wrong, if I said tomorrows technology is today’s young minds? Speaking of which, I don’t know if we can call it an industry. But surely, 3D printing leaving no stone unturned- has graced its way in to the four walls of class rooms as well.

The students’ eyes were on stalks as they watched the magic of the technology unravel before them. Dimension 3D printers allow students and professors to play around with proof of concepts. They get to see their ideas first hand, by making a functional model and then progress through these durable ABS plastics. Gone are the days when you were apprehensive during viva voce -a technical glitch in your handmade science project.

So, with basically one straight path from the CAD file to the ABS plastic – ideas fly into life for the bright eyed and bushy tailed. A growing number of students are fascinated at how the printer creates workable parts of their machines. With such ease as sending a word document to the printer paper, they send STL design files to the 3D printer. Schools use mostly Dimension BST 3D printer, a networked desktop to model ABS plastic from the bottom up, one layer at a time. Realizing that nothing beats the benefits gleaned from this technology, universities are extending their curriculum in CAD and machine tool designing to 3D printing.