Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Wanna sport some fast and furious 3D printing? Needless to say the automotive industry is bouncing off the walls.

At the BMW, everyone is talking about Direct Digital Manufacturing.

FDM is taking on a swelling position as an alternative manufacturing method. Prototyping vehicle designs are no longer done using the metal-cutting mechanical process. FDM offers what they call “design freedom”. It isn’t a small wonder, that all hand tools for automobile testing and assembling are manufactured using FDM-voila! Smooth and comfy tools. That means a lot to the foremen who use them hundred times a day.

Don’t miss out on the smiling faces at Bentley Motors too. Look at the way their designers enhance little facets of the car with multi-material 3D printers. Using Poly-Jet Technology the team can effortlessly create miniature models, as well as full-size parts for quality assurance and testing, way before it hits the production line.

Well, it’s not just the tools, engineers are on the edge of their seats watching how the very functionality can be enhanced. Organic shapes that are smooth, swift and crisp are produced with highly reduced effort using the layered FDM. Attaching bumper supports that bend around obstructions with magnets fixed at the exact points is achieved with jaw dropping ease.