Architecture Industry

Architecture Industry

You might want to get a touch and feel of the blue print of your new dream house. Because we will be soon saying
goodbye to the 2D plans and maps. Architects have already embraced 3D printing technologies to advance their designs
depending on the requirements.

There is the Poly-Jet Technology in 3D printing, to produce surface models of architecture that is incredibly smooth and more to say – detailed. And then of course the FDM technology, we are already familiar with- to build robust mounting models that can take heavy loads.

What fun in black and white walls? So they’ve got an array of photopolymers to splash in some colors…

For architects who have been into some labor intensive processes of casting, milling and vacuum forming to deal with complex geometry, now is the time to relax their brows. With 3D printing they pretty much get the same results and they are raring to go.

It has made the costs of building physical prototypes 50% lesser. When asked to consider the greatest time saving benefit of the printer, designers point to the ability to create a library of reusable designs.

With the all new-fangled technical flashes, of rapid prototyping with new building materials and construction techniques, 3D printing is pushing the boundaries of design and architecture.