Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Just so that you know, 3D printing is nothing but an additive process to build three dimensional solid objects from a digital CAD (Computer Aided Design) file. Amazingly to great heights; it has taken off in the aerospace industry.

Fused Deposition Modelling- FDM is the buzz word in this industry. It’s a type of 3D printing technology, where an object is created with real industrial thermoplastic, and one layer above the other.

But why FDM? Let me explain. With the help of FDM, the aerospace industry has got an ace up their sleeves- when it comes to the division of repairing fixed wings and rotary wings of aircrafts and apache helicopters.

Compared to traditional CNC machining methods which takes typically 45 days lead time, FDM technology takes simply 2 days. Yes, statistically they get 96% savings in terms of lead time.

Moreover nowadays, even forward-looking infrared cameras on military aircrafts are printed out using FDM. Engineers point out that, FDM manufactured tools to pilot remote vehicles –ace the traditional CNC tools in terms of accuracy, precision and quality.

Now that’s the bee’s knees. It really is.